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IUCN red list categories

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All animals and plants have to be studied before they are put on an official list for endangered animals. It takes a lot of work and information to decide whether an animal is endangered or not. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has the biggest list of endangered species in the world, called the IUCN Red List. People use this list to make laws to protect animals, and to decide how to help animals that are in danger of becoming extinct.

The IUCN Red List puts animals and plants into 9 categories: Extinct (EX), Extinct in the Wild (EW), Critically Endangered (CE), Endangered (EN), Vulnerable (VU), Near Threatened (NT), Least Concern (LC), Data Deficient (DD), and Not Evaluated (NE). A species that is Critically Endangered has an extremely high risk of becoming Extinct in the Wild. Extinct in the Wild is just as bad as being Extinct, because it’s usually impossible to put enough animals back into the wild to save them.

Below, you will find a collection of animals that are Extinct in the Wild or Critically Endangered. Clicking on a set of animals will send you to a page with pictures and descriptions of each animal.

Endangered Animals: Extinct in the Wild (EW)

Animals Extinct in the Wild

Extinct in the Wild: the Barbary lion, scimitar oryx, Socorro dove, and Wyoming toad.

Endangered Animals: Critically Endangered (CE)

critically endangered animals - amphibians

Critically Endangered amphibians: the axolotl, Kurdistan newt, lemur leap frog, and black-eared mantella.

Critically Endangered reptiles

Critically Endangered reptiles: the Chinese alligator, Arakan forest turtle, leatherback sea turtle, and gharial.

Critically Endangered birds

Critically Endangered birds: the Spix’s macaw, California condor, kakapo, and Philippine eagle.

critically endangered animals - primates

Critically Endangered primates: the Norther muriqui, cotton-headed tamarin, brown spider monkey, and black-and-white ruffed lemur.

Critically Endangered animals - mammals

Critically Endangered mammals: the Mexican wolf, Iberian lynx, addax, and black rhinoceros.

Critically Endangered animals - sea mammals

Critically Endangered sea mammals: the Hawaiian monk seal, baiji, vaquita, and Mediterranean monk seal.

Critically Endangered animals - marine fish

Critically Endangered marine fish: the spotted handfish, Southern blue tuna, Siamese tiger perch, and black sea bass.

Critically Endangered animals - freshwater fish

Critically Endangered freshwater fish: the smalltooth sawfish, Yangtze sturgeon, ala balik, and redtailed black shark.

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